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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gina's Wish List

Hi my name is Gina and I love to read, crochet, cross stitich and scrapbook. I would some day like to learn to knit, quilt and use a sewing machine. I am a mother of two girls and have been married to my wonderful husband for 17 years! I have just started a blog page, but don't know how to get all the cute animation you all have on most of your blog pages. Here is mine, incase you would like to get to know me a little better, I have a complete profile at www.busymom2girls.blogspot.comI look forward to hearing from someone soon...I am so anxious, I keep checking my email for replies!! :-) I know...I am a litte nuratic!

Gina's Wish List
1. My favorite authors - Debbie Macomber, Nicolas Sparks, James Patterson, J.K.Rowling, Anita Shreeveo
2. My hobbies - crochetting, cross stitching, reading and scrapbooking
3. My favorite books - Memoirs of a Geisha, The Shop on Blossom Street, all Harry Potter books, The Ladies Detective series, The Colorado Kid
4. My books I want to read - mystery books involving crochetting, knitting, scrapbooking, chocolate (I LOVE chocolate), The Left Behind Series, The Joy Luck Club, all Debbie Macomber books
5. My books I don't like - horror, sci-fi, depressing books..Daniele Steele
6. My favorite type - romance (except Harloquin Romances) especially if they involve time traveling, mystery, various fiction worksMy favorite colors - red, lime green, hot pink, teal, mostly bright colors
7. My allergies - none, however, I don't appreciate the smell of smoke especially from a Cigar
8. My favorite pets - my Bichon, horses, lady bugs
9. My favorite scents - Ginger Pumpkin from Partylite candles, Country Apple from Bath & Body Works, the smell of fresh baked goods, gardenia (except in lotions)
10. Other stuff about me - I am seriously addicted to caffeine, particularly Espresso Coffe and Diet Coke/Pepsi. I dislike rude people, seafood, milk and vanilla ice cream! I love Hagen Daz ice cream, specifically Belgium Chocolate! I love spending time with my family. I think my daughters are sweet, loving and talented young ladies and I am totally head over heals in love with my husband!

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