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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I got my package today from Michelle and it was wonderful! I got the book I have been wanting to read, "The Winter Lodge"by Susan Wiggs, a inspiring bookmark, a candle that smeels so much like a baked cake that you want to take a bite of it, and 3 skeind of pretty pink striped yarn! Thank you again for a great swap Michelle!!!!
DaBookLady Debb

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

April BABE's Theme

April BABE's theme will be a little different. Each member will get a book for their partner having the same "first"name as their partner. In other words, if your name is "Mary" then the book for that partner would have an author with the same first name, "Mary."

The same rules apply as read below. Deadline to sign-up is April 12th and partners will be assigned by the 15th of April. Remember this is a "Round Robin" type of swap so you will be sending to one member and another member will send to you. Have Fun!!!

Michelle, Jayne, sent their packages out today and DabookLady Debb sent her package out Friday. Be sure to post when they are received...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hi Ladies....remember to post here when you send out your package to your partner and also to post your thank-yous here when you receive a package...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Deborah's Wish List:

My favorite authors
Joyce Meyers: Charles Swindoll: Erik Merandette: Rick Bundchuh

My hobbies.
Scrap Booking: Jewelry making: Photography: Rebuilding doll house and
reborn baby dolls..
My favorite books..
90 Minutes in Heaven: Captivating: Marley & Me
My books I want to read..
Chicken soups for the soul.
My books I don't like..
My favorite type [sci-,romance,ect....]
I read Christian books
My favorite colors...
Lavendar: White: Black; Royal Blue & Pink
My allergies...
My favorite pets.
I love all types of animals: Total Veg> I have a Malamute dog His name
is Samson
and a Jersey Bunny His name is Prince Charming..
My favorite scents.
Perfume wise....White Linen & Timeless
Candles and scented oils Cherry Lavendar honey suckle
apples cinnamon and peache..
Other stuff about me
I journal and take pictures alot. New to the computer and sell avon
as a past time. My scrapbooking and reborn baby dolls really
keep me busy. That and work...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kaitlin's Wish List:

My favorite authors- Anne Lamott, Katherine Dunn, Emma Donaghue, Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Robbins, anything from McSweeney's, (you can check out my amazon wishlist for more info)

My hobbies...
crafty things, knitting, sewing, beading, drawing, painting, and of course reading

My favorite books.. Bird by Bird Anne Lamott, Slammerkin Emma Donaghue, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Susanna Clarke

My books I want to read... Queen of Fashion Caroline Weber, English as She is Spoke Jose Fonesca, The Riddle of the Traveling Skull Harry Stephen Keeler, Century Girl Lauren Redniss, They Call Me Naughty Lola David Rose, Speck: A Curious Collection of Uncommon Things Peter Buchanan-Smith

My books I don't like.... anything too technical, otherwise I am really open

My favorite type [sci-,romance,ect....] literary fiction, folklore, social history (aka the origins of everyday things and traditions, for example Color: A Natural History of the Palette Victoria Finlay)

My favorite colors... teal and magenta

My allergies... cats, other than that I don't like flowery smells

My favorite pets... Max & Morgan: a mini schnauzer and a border collie mix (I love dogs!)

My favorite scents... fresh green smells, or anything food related especially cocnut and amaretto

Other stuff about me...
\things I like: pirates, cupcakes, puppies, japanese kawaii stuff, tokidoki, muppets & the muppet show, sparkly things, books (social science, folklore, literature,) art, old movies/ old hollywood glamour, anything unusual, mexican food, sarcasm

Friday, March 16, 2007

* Just email me your interest in any swap by the 12th of any month[follow the "How to" directions below]
* List your wish list on your blog, sample below [or let me know and I will post it here on the swap blog]
* You will get your partner after the 15th of the month
* Contact your partner by email [good communication is a "Happy" swapper]
* Send one book [paperback or hardcover] and one bookmark [handmade or bought] go through your "book stash"[as long as it is like new condition]
* This is a themed book swap
* Add anything else you want [note pads, stationery, pencils/pens, soap, candle, ect] get creative... make your package pretty and theme it after the book's title. In otherwords if the title has "red" in it send red stuff, if it were "Killer Gorgeous" you might want to send "pretty" stuff, or if it were"Shiny Water" you might want to send shiny stuff or bath suds.
* Be sure to include a note to your swap partner* Mail out your package by the end of the month
* Be sure to post your "Raves" [thank-you] and a photo of your received package on your blog or Website or here
* You can join up every month just let me know and I will be sure you are added.

That's it...sweet and simple..... Have fun and sign up now!!!!Any ???????????????? email me:
Sandy's Wish list:

My favorite authors Dave Pelzer, Kate Jacobs, Hunter S. Thompson, Erna Olinger, Anne Sexton, Amy Tan, Richard Bacha..
My hobbies... knitting, crocheting, post card making, hiking, herb gardening, vegetarian cooking, learning new crafts, feltinga..
My favorite books.. "A Child Called It"; "Pandora Drive"; And ANY ANY ANY KNITTING BOOK!!!!(about knitting, pattern books, knitting instructions, knitting stories, etc.)a..
My books I want to read... Friday Night Knitting Club; The Knitting Circle; Knitting For Peace; Knitting into the Mystery;Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop; The Best of Vogue Knitting Magazine: 25 Years of Articles, Techniques, and Expert Advice ; Knitting Under the Influencea..
My books I don't like.... any romance novels; any books with no plot - all filtha..
My favorite type [sci-,romance,ect....] humor, pattern books (I'm a pattern book junkie); knitting ANYTHINGa..
My favorite colors... Red (of any shade); lime green; neutrals of all shadesa..
My allergies... none that I know of a..
My favorite pets...My three rottweillers (Hercules, Gretchen, Sgt. Copper) and my poodle Jerry Lee and my yorkie Amy a..
My favorite scents...lavender, sandalwood, ambera..
Other stuff about me...I really enjoy learning new things. I want to learn to spin and My goal is to be able to get a spinning wheel by the end of the year and take lessons. I love herb gardening and using my herbs for cooking, crafting, soapmaking, etc. I also love learning about and collecting memorabilia from the old west especially about Wyatt Earp since Earp is my maiden name; I love old black and white movies, especially with Greta Garbo. I love the movie "Camille"
Ok Ladies,
We are going to get our partners this weekend. We have had a few more additions and I am now getting their addresses. So look for your email over this weekend to get your partners. If you have any questions please email me at
Thanks for your patience and Happy Swapping!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lauren's Wish List

Lauren's Info:

Fave author: Sidney Sheldon
Hobbies: Crochet, knitting, reading, sewing, baking (awesome cakes!!)
Fave book: Master of the GameBooks
I want to read: Don't keep a listBooks
I don't like: Uncle tom's Cabin (current read that I'm finding difficult to get through), other than that can't think of any
Fave book type: historical romance, histories
Fave color: Blue
Allergies: None
Fave pets: My cats - Onyx and IvyFave scent: Happy by Clinique
Other stuff about me: (Note: This has been ghost written by Denise.) One of the most caring people I know. Willing to drop what's she's doing and come running to your rescue, anywhere, anytime. Of course her daughter, Cheyenne, may be riding shotgun! Single mother who manages to keep it all together and keep me laughing. She's even moving to Montana with us when we go! Now that's a buddy. Either that or she's just nuts. OK, jury may still be out on that one. Love ya!

Denise's Wish List

Denise's info:
  • My favorite author(s):John Irving (recently got started with him)Tim McLaurin, Elizabeth Peters (Have read almost all of her stuff!)
  • My hobbies...Reading (duh!) Sewing,Knitting,All kinds of needlework,Cooking,Art of various media
  • My favorite books...Hm, tough call. Seldom meet a book I don't like. Would have to say in a pinch though it would have to be Shangri-La by James Hilton.
  • My books I want to read...Easiest way to see is to go to Cliff's Wish List (Google it for the correct URL) and look for Tomsmama. Great place to keep track of those books you're looking for.
  • Books I don't like...Easy! Can't handle bodice ripper romances! Usually put off by the cover art. I mean if there are actually guys out there that look like that they don't cruise my neighborhood.
  • My favorite type of book...Again a tough call. My reading tastes are very eclectic.
  • Fave color...Rich burgundy!
  • My allergies...WORKING!!!
  • My favorite pets...Pywacket, Mogwai, Gracie, Bob, Xiao Hong, Dude and of course Lola. (Hey! You asked!)
  • My favorite scents...White Shoulders
  • Other stuff about me...Ha! Wouldn't you like to know!Just kidding. When I move to my property in Montana I'm going to have a sculpture garden with my own Loch Ness monster. (Look for me on HGTV!) Now isn't that intriguing? Tune in later for more!

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