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Monday, February 19, 2007

Michelle's Wish List:

1. My favorite authors:
Anne Perry- the Inspector Monk series takes place in England
Robin Cook
John Grisham
Patrica Cornwell--have read all of hers but the most recent
James Patterson
Sue Grafton
Stephen King--his most recent one
Fanny Flagg
2. My hobbies...
greeting card designing
3.My favorite books..
The first 3 in the murder club series by James Patterson
4.My books I want to read...
5th Horseman -- James Patterson
Sam's Letters to Jennifer-- James Patterson
The 6th Target --James Patterson
The Avalon series--Marion Zimmer Bradley
G.R.I.T.S. --Girls Raised In The South
Anything by Erma Bombeck
5.My books I don't like....
Those that have so many characters you have to keep a mental or written list to keep up.
Unnecessary foul language, or nothing but sexual content
6.My favorite type [sci-fi,romance,ect....
mystery, thriller, romance, suspense, romance
]7.My favoite colors...
burgundy, purple, blue, teal, saphire
8.My allergies...
dust, pollen, bees
9.My favorite pets...
My cats, we don't have a fenced yard so I don't have a dog
10. My favorite scents..
vanilla, lavendar, coconut, sugar cookie, peppermint
11. Other stuff about me...
I work with my husband in the construction business. Yes, I actually do the physical work, along with keeping the books and any other office work that is needed. I love anything Southern as I have lived in the South all my life. I am a very family oriented person, I enjoy having gatherings at my home. Good food and good company. I collect dolphins and dragonflies. I love the ocean and beach and enjoy listening to music with the sound of the waves behind it. I have just recently joined several pen pal groups and enjoy writing email and snail mail. All sorts of stationery is always great to get. I love key chains and can always use a bookmark, as sometimes I am reading more than one book.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Debb [DaBookLady] Wish List

1.My favorite authors:
Debbie Macomber
Jan Karon
Joann Fluke
James Patterson
Mary Higgins Clark
Nora Roberts
Ann Rule
2.My hobbies
Red Hats
3.My favorite books
Whispers by Dean Koontz
Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber
Loves Music Loves to Dance by Mary higgins Clark
Harry Potter's books
Nutcracker by Shana Alexander
4.My books I want to read...
Harry Potter's #7
Any Jan Karon series books,
Debbie MAcomber Cedar Cove series after the 3rd one,
Sophie Kinsella newest book
5.My books I don't like....
X rated books
blood and guts
6.My favorite type
mainly thriller,
love series books,
and funny romance
7.My favoite colors...
I love pink
and burgundy
and purple, off white
8.My allergies...
none.. really
but I am not a smoker
9.My favorite pets...
Foxy my dog
and Allie my cat , I love fish
10.My favorite scents...
apple cinnamon
11.Other stuff about me...
I love tea, making new friends, visiting old friends, and my family is very important to me. I love to travel and see new places and I collect Hard Rock stuff and Marilyn Monroe, and key chains. I love the beach to look at and listen to and I love to write stories and poems. Besides reading all the time I am a yarn nut too! I love Halloween and Christmas!
My Amazon "Wish List". Debb's Thrillers

Jayne's Wish List

Hello Swapaholic's:
Jayne's Wish List:
1.My favorite authors :
Debbie Macomber
Susan Wiggs
Jan Karon
Nora Roberts
Linda Lael Miller
Fern Michaels
Mary Higgens Clark
Barbara Delinsky
Maeve Binchy
Many others that I can’t think of right now
My Favorite Hobbies:
All kinds of crafts
My favorite books:
Jan Karon “At Home in Mitford”
Linda Lael Miller “McKettrick’s series”
My books I want to read:
All of Jan Karon’s “Mitford Series”
Debbie Macomber books
A lot listed on my wish list on
My books I don't like:
Blood, guts, sex and bad language
My favorite type [sci-,romance,ect....]:
Romance and “feel good” books
My favorite colors:
Blue, yellow, emerald green
My allergies:
Dust and pollen
My favorite pets:
Larry (My Lhasa Apso)
Pretty Bird (My canary)
My favorite scents:
My Amazon Wish List link:
Other stuff about me:
I am retired (not old) and live in Southern California. I was born and raised in Indiana. I love a cozy warm home and enjoy my friends and family. I love doing things for people to bring some sunshine into their life. I enjoy decorating my home and traveling with my husband. My favorite time of year is Christmas. I collect many things one of which is different writing pens, large cups for tea, I do not like coffee, the cups are the larger mug style.... I love bookmarks, candles, miniature dishes, chicken covered dishes and especially roosters. I also am a QVC nut.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

All BABE [Book and Bookmark Exchange] Swaps

It's pretty simple to do:
* Just email me your interest in any swap by the 12th of any month[follow the "How to" directions below]
* List your wish list on your blog, sample below [or let me know and I will post it here on the swap blog]
* You will get your partner after the 15th of the month
* Contact your partner by email [good communication is a "Happy" swapper]
* Send one book [paperback or hardcover] and one bookmark [handmade or bought] go through your "book stash"[as long as it is like new condition]
* Add anything else you want [note pads, stationery, pencils/pens, soap, candle, ect] get creative... make your package pretty and theme it after the book's title. In otherwords if the title has "red" in it send red stuff, if it were "Killer Gorgeous" you might want to send "pretty" stuff, or if it were"Shiny Water" you might want to send shiny stuff or bath suds.
* Be sure to include a note to your swap partner
* Mail out your package by the end of the month
* Be sure to post your "Raves" [thank-you] and a photo of your received package on your blog or Website or here
* You can join up every month just let me know and I will be sure you are added.

That's it...sweet and simple..... Have fun and sign up now!!!!Any ???????????????? email me

Sample "Wish" list... Post on this blog with a short intro...

  • My favorite authors
  • My favorite authors
  • My hobbies...
  • My favorite books..
  • My books I want to read...
  • My books I don't like....
  • My favorite type [sci-,romance,ect....]
  • My favorite colors...
  • My allergies...
  • My favorite pets...
  • My favorite scents...
  • Other stuff about me...


I've been dabbling with the idea of setting up my own swap blog instead of starting a group site to make it easier to just enjoy the swapping idea and finally got around to doing it. I hope that everyone has fun and comes back over and over again for more swapping......'s the scoop!

  1. To join any swap, just email me a message at put your name, mailing address (guarentee to use for swapping only), email address, and your blog url (if you have one) .

  2. Then add a line or two about is this your first swap, what authors you like,favorite books, or do you have other hobbies, maybe you love to knit, pen pal, or like me do it all....tell me anything you want.

  3. Then copy and paste the short questions on this blog to your blog, so your partner will learn a little about you...if you don't have a blog I can post a little about you on here on the swap blog, just let me know in your email.
  4. Once you are accepted for the swap I will list your name in the right column and link your blog to your name.

So join other swappers and sign up today to join in on the fun!!!!!!
So drop everything your doing and email me now to get started!!!

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