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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Contest # 3 "Between the Bushes"

Time is Running out Ladies Make your guesses and be in the drawing to win this book. We will have a new contest each month!

Ok Ladies while I have the time I am going to post the Jan Contest # 3 . This one is called "Between the Bushes" It is a bit different as it is a story of a murder mystery. Read the story and look for the clues and answer the questions and email me the answers. Every one who answers right will go into the drawing and one winner will be picked! Have fun....the winner receives a copy of A Treasury of Deception: by Michael Farquhar

Start Reading:

" June, who was an amateur sleuth, was out for a drive one day on a long lonely road. She saw a police car zoom by and the sign for the Amazing Carnival Maze at the same time. She thought of how much of a coincidence it was, and how much fun it would be to be able to solve both a crime and a puzzle. She stepped on the brakes and made a sharp left turn into the Carnival grounds following the police car.

The Carnival consisted of a ticket booth, a small and runned down office, and the maze was to the right. It had what looked like massive walls about 7' tall of green brush down the whole right side of the park. Customers of the Carnival were lured into the maze by the curious signs of a complicated puzzle that dared anyone to find the path through it and out the other side ending up at the left end of the brush wall. The cost was $3.00 a person to test out the puzzle of paths. It looked confusing and scary, but June was up for the challenge today. Besides she knew the police were in there somewhere with a crime to solve.
June paid the $3.00 and wandered into the path. Two right turns brought her to a dead end. Shoot! She went back and tried a right and then a left and that brought her to another dead end.....a dead end complete with a corpse! A highway patrolman was standing over the corpse of a casual dressed man, a knife stuck between his ribs. Three men and a women faced the officer.
"My husband Jack and I came into the maze and split up just for fun," the woman said between sobs. "After several minutes of wandering around, I wound up outside at the other entrance on the left side.I was going to try again. I called out to Jack, to see how he was doing. That's when I heard it-- some scuffling--like a fight. Then Jack screamed."
"I heard the scream too," said the tallest man. "I was on a bench at the center of the maze. I didn't hear any scuffling, probably because the fountain there drowned out the sound. I'm Sidney Stone. I hurried out of the maze and found Mrs. Singer. The two of us went back in and discovered the body together."

"I'm the owner," said a short, disheveled man. "George Smith. These people were the only three customers in there. After taking the Singer's money at the ticket booth, I went into the office. Seth, my electrician, was rewiring the system. I switched off the main fuse box for him. Then I walked around picking up trash. Seth was still working when I heard a man's scream."
Seth, the electician, was the last to speak. "What George said is true. I was in a crawl space under the office the whole time, doing the wiring. I didn't see anything or hear anyone scream."
The officer bent down to examine the body. "No wallet. Maybe it was a botched robbery. But we'll have to wait for the experts."
"I'm an expert," came a voice from behind. They turned around to find a short, petite women with a light blue hat on who by then had stepped forward. "June Bankcroft, at your service. The solution is simple, if you care to listen?"

  1. Who killed Jack Singer
  2. How did June deduce the truth?
  • Send your answers by email after you solve the mystery.
  • Be sure to comment here if you are playing
  • Link to this site on your blog
  • The winner will be announced after January 30th, 2008.

Try your wits....Can you solve the mystery?


aBookworm said...

How intriguing! I've taken a stab at it and sent you an email with my guess. Thanks!

Christine said...

My brain hurts...all I can think of is a quote from Seinfeld: "Maybe a dingo got your baby" Yeash...I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

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