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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winners of the October and November Contests

Sorry ladies for the delays in posting, but as most of you know my family is dealing with our son in the hospital from the motorcycle accident he was in.

Here is the winner of Contest #2....drum roll please........

The Winner is BETH!!!!!
1.) ... No body to dance with
2.)... Bone Appetite
3.) ...Frostbite
4.).... A cereal killer
5.)...Boo-logna sandwich
6.)...Pumpkin patch
7.)... Hello, Hello..Knock, Knock
8.)...Because demons are a ghouls best friend
9.)...She wanted a clean sweep
10.)... They are so wrapped up in themselves

What swapper doesn't like orange but likes the life of Bee's? .......POOCH.........

And for the winner of the October package it is...... Pooch!!!!

And the winner for the November package is ........Jayne!!!!

Lets congratulate our winners and keep sending in your answers when we have a contest. You could be our next winner!

The winner's are chosen by picking a name out of a hat. The winners for the photo package are chosen the same way. So anyone could win and if I receive votes then those people voted on will win. So be sure and cast your votes.

** A note on sending packages. Please be sure that you include a note in you package referring to the name of the swap, the month, and your name and address. A lot of our swappers are in multiple swaps and if you do not include your information they may not know it is from you. We also need to be sure and thank our partners too.

Since there is no swap in December I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every member...

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