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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winners of the October and November Contests

Sorry ladies for the delays in posting, but as most of you know my family is dealing with our son in the hospital from the motorcycle accident he was in.

Here is the winner of Contest #2....drum roll please........

The Winner is BETH!!!!!
1.) ... No body to dance with
2.)... Bone Appetite
3.) ...Frostbite
4.).... A cereal killer
5.)...Boo-logna sandwich
6.)...Pumpkin patch
7.)... Hello, Hello..Knock, Knock
8.)...Because demons are a ghouls best friend
9.)...She wanted a clean sweep
10.)... They are so wrapped up in themselves

What swapper doesn't like orange but likes the life of Bee's? .......POOCH.........

And for the winner of the October package it is...... Pooch!!!!

And the winner for the November package is ........Jayne!!!!

Lets congratulate our winners and keep sending in your answers when we have a contest. You could be our next winner!

The winner's are chosen by picking a name out of a hat. The winners for the photo package are chosen the same way. So anyone could win and if I receive votes then those people voted on will win. So be sure and cast your votes.

** A note on sending packages. Please be sure that you include a note in you package referring to the name of the swap, the month, and your name and address. A lot of our swappers are in multiple swaps and if you do not include your information they may not know it is from you. We also need to be sure and thank our partners too.

Since there is no swap in December I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every member...

Recieved My September Package, Thank You Connie

I can hardley wait to start reading this book and the chocolates look yummy!
Thanks Connie!

From Judy B

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey Judy!!


I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that your package went out in today's mail.

Filled with goodies for you to use enjoy!


Monday, November 26, 2007

TWO Packages!

Thank you Michelle and Debb!! I visited my post office box after all fun of Thanksgiving and found TWO boxes -- my October angel box and November's box. Check these out!
Michelle sent me 50 Harbor Court by Debbie Macomber (great series!), plus journals, a "harbor" magnet, post-its (I ADORE office supplies), and some yummy smelling goodes, too.

Debb packed a FULL package for November: a book right off my Amazon wish list tops the list - the Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Rolling will be a great read. Add to that another book, a MARY ENGELBREIT bookmark, 2008 pocket planner, stickers, cute butterfly, a fun potato chip clip, some delish candles, tea, "scarecrow stew", socks to keep cozy and two skeins of cotton yarn PLUS more. Thank you so much.

You guys made my week -- I've been sick and feeling icky.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanks Michelle!!!

Oh my Michelle what a lovely goody box i found this morning waiting for me at the post office.

After our Thanksgiving dinner I waddled down to the post office and hurried back home to see what my box held. And what treasures did my eyes find, two wonderful books one a selections of mysteries and the other the wonderful stories from Richard Evans, just in time for the holidays. As I looked farther in the box I found a lovely set of note papers and lavender lotion a personal favorite of mine. Also a lovely little jewelry box.

Thank you for all of the wonderful treasures!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Package Received From Pooch

Pooch sent me a terrific box [ Thank you!] for Nov's BABE inspirational and thankfulness! I got a cute turkey decoration, Thanksgiving napkins, a Red Hats bookmark, magnets, 4 skeins of yarn, [yum yum], a wonderful "Mr Roberts" book, [I used to watch him all the time when I was younger...] :) the most gorgeous "bling" vintage buttons, And one of my "Wish List" Books..yeah! It all came wrapped in pretty fall tissue with cute ruby colored ribbon saying, "Welcome Fall"....Thank you sooo much Pooch!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Wow, Jayne!!

Jayne, you truly gifted me expressing thankfulness and inspiration! Thank you so very much! Your choice of books is very interesting. I look forward to getting into them! Also included are a thong bookmark (very pretty), angels--glass and two small cards, a small Victorian calendar, green apple and strawberry candy swirls, and surprises for my doggies Max and Lailah!! They are bouncing around with joy! Just look at the dog cookies in the plastic bag. Did you make those, Jayne??? The Boxer magnet is precious! And, the best for last....will you look at those glittery collars for Christmas??! I love those! The doggies will be sporting those all through December. I love the Pilgrim woman and added her to a Fall wreath arrangement on our dining room table. My deepest thanks for all the thought you put into these gifts. I am thankful for you, Jayne. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2007

2008 Swap Theme Schedule

I am going to list the themes for the whole year of 2008 so that you will know in advance what each month has to bring:

**** 2008 Swapping Themes****

Hello Everyone, here is the entire years menu for all the themes! I thought it would be a good idea for our monthly BABEs swaps to set up the whole year. This way you can prepare ahead of time.

Each month I have given some ideas to the theme, you can also check out what your partner wishes from their "Wish Lists." There are lots of books out there written about any of these themes and so put on those thinking caps, update your Amazon "Wish Lists" and BABEs "Wish List" for 2008.

Please be sure to list a link to your Amazon wish list or email it to me with your BABEs updated"Wish Lists" so that I can add it to the Wish List page link in the right sidebar.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to a really fun swapping in 2008.
  • I always need "Angels" for those packages that don't arrive. [If you can be one please email DaBookLady
  • Read the rules again as they have changed a little
  • Let me know if you are not going to Swap
  • Update those "Wish Lists" ladies
  • Be sure to list your "Amazon Wish List" name

And always, please remember that the purpose of swapping books with each other is to learn about new authors; especially new catagories of books we would not normally read; and to share books with others that we may have read or want to read; because you might just be pleasently surprised and find a terrific new read!!!!

No Swap For December

Were taking a Christmas break ladies. Will be back in January for our monthly swap.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!

Shawnee you have a package coming soon. Please watch the mail for it. The "angel" delivering may have to stop for Thanksgiving dinner but it should be there a day or so after the holiday.
angel in training,

Hello Elizabeth---
You should be receiving you Nov. BABE in the mail, in the next week or so. Of course we have Turkey day that may delay it just a bit. But be watching the mailbox.

your pal,

Thursday, November 15, 2007

With Thanks

Christine sent this marvelous swap package filled with every kind of treat! First, of course, are the three wonderful books including a fun crochet book! DH and I will share the Evanovich book so that even he has a treat in this swap. The Claire Cook book is mine, all mine!

I especially like the Canadian pin, book mark, and post card. See that cute little latte cup candle? That is so precious!

My DG will enjoy the candies and stickers. Sincere thanks for each and every gift, Christine! This is a very special box of goodies!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Welcome new member Kristie

Let's give a big WELCOME to our newest member KRISTIE!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Great Package Received


Thank you for the great package. I can always use finger towels. I will enjoy working on the pattern you sent. I need a new hobby. I also really like the scrapbook stickers. Of course candy is always a treat. Did you crochet the candy corn? Very clever. The little green bag was really cute. I was really glad to find two writing pens included since I collect pens. I am fascinated by the Decorate With Candles book. I just don't know where everybody finds all the clever things to put in their packages. I think this is what makes it so fun. By the way, my granddaughter loves anything to do with vampires and grabbed my book that you sent to read.Thank you again for the great package. Jayne

Monday, November 5, 2007

Debb Received her Sept and Oct Packages

I got both my Sept and my Oct swaps!!! I was a lucky swapper....

My Sept swap from Judy B. I got yummy yarn that I love to crochet with, a cute horsee key chain. and of course I love horses, great book on friendship, whixh was the theme that month, and cute Christmas candles and wonderful tea in a can, a nice bookmark, and a pretty ceramic cat candle holder, and of course I love cats too!!! Oh yeah and a notepad...I was spolied this month!!!Thank you soo much!!!!
Shawnee sent me not 1 not 2 not 3 , but 4 books...WOWOWOWOW!!!! I got one from my Amazon wish list, see it really does work to wish, and a terrific looking culinary mystery, a new one by my one of my favorite authors Koontz, and another intriguing looking one. They are murder, mystery thrillers for the "thriller" theme of October. Then I got a beautiful cup, Reeses, that my hubby already grabbed, cute Turkey bookmark, yum yum tea, a notepad, and a fall yummy smelling candle..thank you sooo much!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

November "Inspirational and Thankful" Theme Partners Assigned

Hello Everyone, well its the "turkey" month! So....I thought a good theme for our BABEs would be "thankful" in otherwords, any book about inspirational or thankful themes, fiction or non fiction. That could be a How to set a table or true life story, a Thanksgiving, even a mystery, a touching story, anything that your partner might enjoy to read about that has to do with good fortune or inspiration or thankfulness... There are lots of books out there written about this theme and with Thanksgiving in this month I thought it would be appropriate. So put on those thinking caps, update your Amazon "Wish Lists" and BABEs "Wish List" so that your partner knows what you might like. Please be sure to list a link to your Amazon wish list and email it to me with your BABEs "Wish Lists" too so that I can add it to the Wish List page link to the right.I hope everyone has rested up and is ready to jump back in to swap.Remember I need "Angels" for those packages that don't arrive. [If you can be one please email DaBookLady] Be sure to read the rules again as they have changed a little. Be sure and email your partner if your going to be late and to let them know when you mail the package or post on the blog. This is a shorter mail month so try and get your packages in the mail before Thanksgiving.

  • Debb.........Shawnee
  • Shawnee...Jayne
  • Jayne....Pooch
  • Pooch....debb
  • Michelle.....Beth
  • Beth.........Judy B
  • Judy B......Christine
  • Christine....Michelle

Have fun and remember the purpose of swapping is to make new friends; learn about new authors; and share books that we have read or may want to read. You never know you could be pleasently surprised and find a terrific new read!

Look What Jaynee Sent Me

The theme for this swap was Thriller,well let me tell you I was thrilled to receive this package.Jayne really outdid herself,she sent me 2 books by my favorite author and they are 2 I have not ead yet,a beautiful coffee mug and a package of instant cappuccino,so guess what I will be doing later yep reading and sipping from my new She also sent me 5 beautiful friendship stitch markers,candy,an umbrella,silver creditcard holder,candle,calendar,a bobble teddy with a witch and ghost,to cute,oh almost forgot a mini book called Quilting Quotations Celebrating An American Legacy,I love quilting and will treasure this little book.Thank you so much Jayne you are the Greatest Swapper. I want to say I posted more on my blog.

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****If anyone is interested in donating or sponsoring prizes/books for the contests, please email DaBookLady and you'll be given an advertising link in the sidebar and more advertising in posts throughout the swap, plus you will be added to all the other associated blogs for further exposure advertizing your store/blog.
****Also, if anyone cares to make buttons, that's always appreciated! And you will be sent a small gift for every accepted button.