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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thankyou Debb.

I recieved my fantastic package from Debb in the mail yesterday.
She sent me all kinds of goodies. The new Rachel Ray cookbook and then she themed all other things around that. A recipe box and cupcake note pads, a great icecream cupcake dish which my kids all want. Coasters though this will make you laugh, my kids wanted to know what they were for... ( yes I do have them in my house they just do not seemed to get used by anyone but me!!) . Some marshmallow creme which I have never tried, but my children tell me is good. And some flavored coffee which I will make and sit down with cookbook and think about making something for dinner. Did not say I was going to, just that I will think about it, that counts right?!!!!

Thankyou Debb.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hello Christine

I just wanted to drop a little note and let you know your package full of goodies is on the way to you!


OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

Dear Pooch,

What a wonderful suprise I received on Saturday !!

It had been one of those weeks you know the kind we all have from time to time. The ones that you can not wait until it is over. So I was feeling a little down, when hubby came home from the postoffice with a neat package in tow.

I opened it up very gently for I knew what treasures it surely held inside, and boy was I ever correct. All of the little gifts were wrapped with great care and love. I opened first the little bags of gold and found not only yarn but a pretty handmade bookmark and lovely little knitting themed cards. However the best was yet to come I dug in deeper and found a great knitting calender with 365 diffrent patterns to choose from for future projects. Down a little deeper held a wonderful cookbook and latest magazine from my personal favorite mentor Martha Stewart!

To say that this was a wonderful suprise does not come close, to just how great the box of treasures was. It went a great way in making this week all the better.

Thanks so very much Pooch!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Package has been sent!

Hi Ramona! Be on the look out for your swap package. I sent it out today. It should be there within ten days.

Take care.

From: Christine G.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Package from Michelle Received

“Great package from Michelle. There was my Singer Sewing Projects book that I am anxious to get into since I want to start up my sewing projects again. I also received a great writing pen to add to my collection, a beautiful covered dish, candle, sugar scrub, pretty tray, Cinnamon Altoids (which I love) and a really pretty silver book mark.

Thank so much, Michelle. Great package.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

DaBookLady Contests

DabookLady will be running monthly contests. The next contest will be the beginning of February, 2008. Be sure and check out the "Contests" page for the rules.

You could be the next winner. There will be a wide range of prizes, and sponsors are always welcomed! They may be easy or they could be difficult to win, but they will always have a challenge to make you put on your thinking caps and always be exciting!
You may also take the button on the left for your blog/URL.

So get ready for the fun, be sure to enter the other two contests that are running now as time is slipping away.

Both contests end January 30th.

Be sure and post your answers gals and join in on the fun and be a winner!!!

package on its way


your parcel left the Poconos this afternoon.

thanks for patience.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Contest # 3 "Between the Bushes"

Time is Running out Ladies Make your guesses and be in the drawing to win this book. We will have a new contest each month!

Ok Ladies while I have the time I am going to post the Jan Contest # 3 . This one is called "Between the Bushes" It is a bit different as it is a story of a murder mystery. Read the story and look for the clues and answer the questions and email me the answers. Every one who answers right will go into the drawing and one winner will be picked! Have fun....the winner receives a copy of A Treasury of Deception: by Michael Farquhar

Start Reading:

" June, who was an amateur sleuth, was out for a drive one day on a long lonely road. She saw a police car zoom by and the sign for the Amazing Carnival Maze at the same time. She thought of how much of a coincidence it was, and how much fun it would be to be able to solve both a crime and a puzzle. She stepped on the brakes and made a sharp left turn into the Carnival grounds following the police car.

The Carnival consisted of a ticket booth, a small and runned down office, and the maze was to the right. It had what looked like massive walls about 7' tall of green brush down the whole right side of the park. Customers of the Carnival were lured into the maze by the curious signs of a complicated puzzle that dared anyone to find the path through it and out the other side ending up at the left end of the brush wall. The cost was $3.00 a person to test out the puzzle of paths. It looked confusing and scary, but June was up for the challenge today. Besides she knew the police were in there somewhere with a crime to solve.
June paid the $3.00 and wandered into the path. Two right turns brought her to a dead end. Shoot! She went back and tried a right and then a left and that brought her to another dead end.....a dead end complete with a corpse! A highway patrolman was standing over the corpse of a casual dressed man, a knife stuck between his ribs. Three men and a women faced the officer.
"My husband Jack and I came into the maze and split up just for fun," the woman said between sobs. "After several minutes of wandering around, I wound up outside at the other entrance on the left side.I was going to try again. I called out to Jack, to see how he was doing. That's when I heard it-- some scuffling--like a fight. Then Jack screamed."
"I heard the scream too," said the tallest man. "I was on a bench at the center of the maze. I didn't hear any scuffling, probably because the fountain there drowned out the sound. I'm Sidney Stone. I hurried out of the maze and found Mrs. Singer. The two of us went back in and discovered the body together."

"I'm the owner," said a short, disheveled man. "George Smith. These people were the only three customers in there. After taking the Singer's money at the ticket booth, I went into the office. Seth, my electrician, was rewiring the system. I switched off the main fuse box for him. Then I walked around picking up trash. Seth was still working when I heard a man's scream."
Seth, the electician, was the last to speak. "What George said is true. I was in a crawl space under the office the whole time, doing the wiring. I didn't see anything or hear anyone scream."
The officer bent down to examine the body. "No wallet. Maybe it was a botched robbery. But we'll have to wait for the experts."
"I'm an expert," came a voice from behind. They turned around to find a short, petite women with a light blue hat on who by then had stepped forward. "June Bankcroft, at your service. The solution is simple, if you care to listen?"

  1. Who killed Jack Singer
  2. How did June deduce the truth?
  • Send your answers by email after you solve the mystery.
  • Be sure to comment here if you are playing
  • Link to this site on your blog
  • The winner will be announced after January 30th, 2008.

Try your wits....Can you solve the mystery?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For Beth

Beth -- DH mailed your package this morning. Hope you enjoy it!

PAckage Arrived From Jayne all I can say...Jayne sent me a fantastic package this month, It included not one but 2 of my Amazon "Wish List" books, Jan Karon's 1st book of her new series that I have been drooling over, and The Friday Night Knitting Club that I have also been wishing for, along with a beautiful book mark, a silver horse, I love horses, charm to hang in my car, a purse "keys" holder, a cute lady bug candle, simmering relaxing beads, sticky photo paper, lavender z-notes, lavender Home Spun Yarn, a friendship key ring, the cutest rooster soup cup with spoon, and a cute wooden angel that I hung on my computer room door knob. What a surprise to get such a thoughtful and packed to the brim" package for Jan. Thank you sooooo much Jayne!!!!!! Big Hugs!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kristie Your Package Was Mailed

Kristie be on the look out your package is in the mail!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sponsor and/or Donate Now!

I am on the LOOKOUT for sponsors and donations for contests at this site or my other swap site.... I know that a lot of you have Etsy shops and also Ebay stores and/ or maybe even websites where you sell your books or handmade items, or other items; or some of you might have other related gifts that you have never used and they are in "like new" condition, and you may want to donate those gifts, too!
You can also donate cash through PayPal. Click on the "Donate" button in the right sidebar and it will take you directly to the paypal site to donate any amount you wish to give. The donation will be used to purchase future prizes for swappers of DaBookLady's swap group only.

Any donation will be welcomed.... if you donate an item for any contests you will be the next shop to be added to our Sponsors and/or donation links in the right column.

But, not only that, I have several other blogs....about 10 more that get lots and lots of visitors daily. If you sponsor here I will also advertize your shop or website on all those blogs, too! And if you give a donation you will receive honerable mention in the sidebar.

Think of all the possible business this could generate for you? Hundreds of people looking to buy books or handmade items, or, whatever you may sell. It does not have to be a book or handmade. Whatever you sell I will advertize it for you if you make a donation and/or sponsor a contest. And I will also perodically refer readers to your link in posts here throughout the year.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and email your blog, website, Etsy store, or your Ebay store with your name, and email address, along with your donation description to DaBookLady. [be sure to put "sponsor or donation in the subject line] After it has been accepted you will receive a conformation email and your name will be listed in the sidebar.

Come on and sign up now to donate and/or be a sponsor for Crochetoholic!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Partners are Assigned for January 2008

Hello Everyone, well its the the new year and I am just now getting my house back to normal! Are we all ready to start swapping? I know I am and I have missed the group. I got so many Christmas themed books over the holidays. I can't wait to start reading them all. Do we ever have enough books? I know I never get tired of learning of new authors.

January we are swapping a little differently than we usually do with plain novels. Instead I have decided to spice it up a little and swap any book in any of the following catagories ...........Cook book, craft book, knitting, crochet, quilting, exercise, yoga, poetry, self help , or anything that your partner might enjoy to read about that has to do with a hobby or informational.

There are lots of books out there written that go with your partner's collections or hobbies or just plain interests. So put on those thinking caps, update your Amazon "Wish Lists" and BABEs "Wish List" so that your partner knows what you might like. Please be sure to list a link to your Amazon wish list and post it or email it to me with your BABEs "Wish Lists" too so that I can add it to the Wish List page link to the right.

I hope everyone has rested up and is ready to jump back into swapping again.
Remember I need "Angels" for those packages that don't arrive. [If you can be one please email DaBookLady] Be sure to read the rules again as they always change a little. Be sure and email your partner if your going to be late and to let them know when you mail the package and YOU MUST ALSO CC DaBookLady, or post on the blog. As always be sure to get your packages in the mail before the end of the month.


Be sure to enter the contests and you win a prize!

Have fun and remember the purpose of swapping is to make new friends; learn about new authors; and share books that we have read or may want to read.

You never know you could be pleasently surprised and find a terrific new read!

Monday, January 7, 2008

kristie's wish list

I am a 33 year old mother of 3 2 girls and 1 boy. 11, 7, and 9 months.

I am originally from UK but have been in the US for nearly 5 years and love it.
I am a stay at home mom but am busier now than i have ever been...I am also a girl scout leader of 3 years.

i love to read and am never without a book in hand.

My favorite authors.. Janet Evanovich, suzzanne brockman, debbie macomber, carly philips, elizabeth lowell, nicholas sparks, nicholas evans, jeffery dever and many more
My hobbies... knitting, cross stitch, sewing, reading
My favorite books.. smoke jumpers ( nicholas evans) and a host of others to many to metion.
The book that I do not like... these are few as i will try almost anything but i do not like historical romance or sci fi
My books I want to read... the new suzzanne brockman, all the yada yada prayer group
My favorite type all romance excluding historical ( i like the harlequin books to though i am told many itmes by hubby that they are not literature still i like them) i also like some thrillers and comedy. will give most things a go

My favorite colors... reds, pinks, pastel colors netruals quite easy with colors though not fond of bright yellows, oranges and not sure how i feel about green, even though as a scout leader i have to wear it!!
My allergies...pine nuts and housework!!
My favorite pets... dogs cats and parrots and rabbits it is what we have now

My favorite scents...vanilla, sugar cookies and anything fruity though my mother tells me i am too old to smell like cake so i have a grown up fragrance to which is fresia.

My Amazon Wish List

Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome to Our New Swapper

Welcome Kristie

Donate or Sponsor this Swap Blog

****If anyone is interested in donating or sponsoring prizes/books for the contests, please email DaBookLady and you'll be given an advertising link in the sidebar and more advertising in posts throughout the swap, plus you will be added to all the other associated blogs for further exposure advertizing your store/blog.
****Also, if anyone cares to make buttons, that's always appreciated! And you will be sent a small gift for every accepted button.