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Monday, September 24, 2007

Contest #1 "Treasure Chest Ally"

Hello Swappers Contest # 1
Well it is almost the end of September's swap and October's will start. I hope everyone is having a wonderful 1st swap in September, and remember if you do not see your name on the list and want to join the swap this month, please email DaBookLady.

The theme for this month is posted under the link to the right "October Theme" just click on it to read all about it. Also the rules have been updated, so please read them over and if you have any questions be sure to email DaBookLady.

There are other links to other interesting blog sites that you might want to surf on over to and learn more about DaBookLady or even enjoy a recipe or book information on the latest reading.

This month I hope that everyone mails out their packages and that we all have a fun swap. I have some new angels that have volunteered to help in case of any "burps" in our package swaps, however I really hope we don't need them! I think that the swap theme of "Thriller" will be a fun one and appropriate for the Halloween month of October. Be sure to ask your partner if you do not see their Amazon listing to see what books they are "Wishing" for. All wish lists are listed for each swapper on the "Wish List" page.

Just click on the link to the right and then click on your partner's name. Some of the swappers have their "Wish "Lists" on their blogs. If you have any ideas you would like to share for future swaps or any other information either email DaBookLady, comment on the blog, or post it on the blog!!

Now on to our 1st contest....Starting Now:
  • There are 12 swappers... so let's play "Treasure Chest Ally".
  • All you have to do is find all the items listed on the contest page and fill up the Treasure Chest.
  • You will find the answers on our swappers blogs or wish lists.[since some of our swappers do not have a blog]
  • Then when you finish you will email it all to DaBookLady
  • Once the answers are all in after the deadline of Oct 8th, DaBookLady will post the winner and the answers on the blog
  • So go on over to the contest page and read all about it and start writing those answers down and go on the Treasure Hunt.
If you have any questions email DaBookLady with "Contest #1" in the subject line. If more than one person gets them all right then we will pull a name out of the hat.

Deadline to post is October 8th
Have fun and good luck!!!

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