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Monday, October 8, 2007

Halloween History Facts and Contest Winner and Contest #2 October

Ok ladies we have a winner for Contest #1 "Treasure Chest Alley "

drum roll ...please..." **&%$$$### And the winner is......

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

Shawnee was the only one had all the right answers and also answerd the question. Beth and Judy were real close with only 2 wrong .
Also wanted to let Sheila know that she is the winner for September's package! She will receive a prize for winning!!

Here are Shawnee's answers and question statement!!!
  • A Boxer dog - Pooch with her adorable Laila pictures
  • A cup of cider - Karen Beth lists this as an ingredient in Wassail
  • Cat and Mouse - ME! - my fighting mouse and silly cat
  • Wilson - Connie's last name!
  • Himalayan Goji Juice - Gina F has a post about this "latest craze"
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Christine? I couldn't find anything else that fit, to tell the truth
  • Laura Ingals Wilder series - Judy B wants to collect the series
  • Large yarn ball - YOU! - great post on 8/31
  • Dolphins - Michelle collects dolphins and dragonflies
  • Dick Francis - Sheila SAW Dick Francis at a signing
  • Indiana - Jayne was born and raised in Indiana
  • Martha Stewart - Beth is a MS wannabe!

And the Question answer:

Which is the most important and why? I think Sheila seeing Dick Francis at a book signing is the most important/most relevant to our exchange since it's for book lovers!

Thank you everyone for playing and be sure to try again in our next contest that is listed below.....

Some Halloween Facts and Myths

The True History of Halloween

Halloween, or 'All Hallows' is easily the most controversial holiday celebrated in America. Spurred by rumors and religious hysteria, works of poor scholarship contend that Halloween is the day of the Devil, a satanic celebration of dark forces disguised as a children's holiday.

"Depending on your source material, the Druid lord of death and evil spirits was called Saman, Samana, Shamhain or Samhain. His "holiday" was called "The Vigil Of Saman" or Samhain (pronounced so-wein). You probably have seen a modern day version of SAMAN without even knowing it. This pagan god was shown as a ghostly, skeleton holding a sickle in his hand. He later came to be known as THE GRIM REAPER. "

Halloween history and folklore reveal a fascinating blend of traditions.
The message of Halloween, history tells us, is that it is a time to reflect, to give thanks for the harvest and to honor "those who have gone on before us". . . a time to recognize the eternal cycle of life.

Trick or Treating
Trick or treating, the practice of dressing up in costumes and begging door to door for goodies, is largely an American adaptation of European masquerades and the late medieval Christian practice of "souling," when poor folk would go door to door, receiving food in return for promises of prayers for the dead.* This was just one of many occasions for going door to door in a time when entertainments were in short supply. Dressing in scary costumes is another holdover from medieval times.

Jack O' Lanterns
Brought to North America during the 1840's by Irish immigrating because of the potato famine in Ireland, the custom changed to carving pumpkins since they were more plentiful here, and easier to carve!
Orange and black, the traditional colors of Halloween, represent the orange of pumpkins and the black of darkness.

The black cat has long been associated with witches. Many superstitions have evolved about cats. It was believed that witches could change into cats. Some people also believed that cats were the spirits of the dead.

One of the best known superstitions is that of the black cat. If a black cat was to cross your path you would have to turn around and go back because many people believe if you continued bad luck would strike you. ?? True or myth?

There is also little basis to the persistent rumor that black cats are sacrificed on halloween, although many animal shelters will still refuse to adopt out black cats near the holiday for fear they will be used as holiday props and later abandoned or mistreated.

Now are you ready for contest #2?

"Halloween Jokes and Riddles Search"

In this fun contest all you have to do is give the right answer to the "jokes or riddles " below. This is a fun one and I thought it would be cute to see what answers evolve from these question????.

Answer them all and then answer the last question from the swappers "Wish Lists"
  1. Why don't skeletons like parties?
  2. What do skeletons say before they begin dining?
  3. What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?
  4. What do you call someone who puts poison in a person's corn flakes?
  5. What does a Ghost eat for lunch?
  6. How do you mend a broken Halloween Jack-o-Lantern?
  7. What do you say to a 2-headed monster?
  8. Why do ghouls and demons hang out together?
  9. Why did the witch put her broom in the wash for Halloween?
  10. Why do mummies have trouble keeping friends?

And the last one you will find the answer on one of our swappers wish lists!

  1. What swapper doesn't like orange but likes the life of Bees?

Good Luck Ladies!!!

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Shawnee said...

Happy dance for me! Thanks Debb!!

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